A New Chapter

The purpose of this blog will not be to simply look into the bare bones developments of the industries I am a part of.  Rather, the focus will be upon the significant events that might change the way that the industry is headed.  I look to bring my readers insightful reviews of products, instruction, literature, and technology.

Here I will provide the obligatory bio.  My name is Brad Wynalek.  I am a marketing major in my final semester at Methodist University with a concentration in PGA Golf Management.  Extra curricular achievements include Delta Mu Delta International Honor Society in Business, Alpha Chi National Honor Society, and founder and president of the Pi Mu Chapter of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity.

Everyone needs to make time for the things that they enjoy.  I have made my passion for golf into an occupation, and I will hopefully be relocating to the mountain west.  There will be posts involving my hobbies and passions outside of the golf industry.  I seek to share my adventures in the outdoors whether it is hiking, skiing, climbing, or fishing.  My talents in the art of photography are novice at best, but there will be original photography provided to keep things interesting.  Hope you enjoy!


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