The little town known as Park City offers so much more than the traditional resort experience.  When you take a step back from the lavish restaurants, expensive boutiques, and grand hotels, there is an authentic mountain experience to be had.  I had the great opportunity to relocate to Park City this past summer because of employment at Tuhaye Golf Club.  It is owned by Talisker which develops real estate in the PC/Deer Valley area.  Talisker has also recently taken over at the Canyons Resort.  From December 30th- January 8th I was able to make it back to spend some quality time with friends, and on the hill.

Shot from the stairs to the right of the Transit Center

There is something refreshing about getting away from the hectic life of a college senior.  The mountains provide a shot of life.  I longed for some time back on the hill, and to see my good friends from the past summer.  My time on the mountain was split between the Canyons, Deer Valley, and a limited amount of side-country.  The improvements at the Canyons Resort are readily seen.  The gondola has been moved closer to the cabriolet and provides much closer proximity for resort guests. The beginner trying to make it to bunny hills off of high meadow may do so directly by taking the gondola.   Rippers can take the Orange Bubble up and gain more vertical for easier accessibility to the Sun Peak/Super Condor area for more difficult terrain.  What I found most impressive was the addition of the Orange Bubble Express where the gondola was formerly located.  Riding the Bubble is just plain fun and anyone who says otherwise is lying.  These two high-speed options really decrease the wait time at the bottom of the mountain.

Yours truly heading up the Orange Bubble.

I had skiied Deer Valley before, and everyone knows about the renowned groomers, service, and amenities.   What I hadn’t had the chance to do before was take advantage of the surprisingly challenging terrain in the Daly Bowl/Chute area.  I went into the area two days after a very large system had moved through and it seemed to hold snow very well, especially the trees in the area.

Looking up from the bottom of Daly Bowl.

After a little over a week of enjoying the company of friends, and the great skiing on the Park City side of the Wasatch I was reminded why this mountain town does so well for itself.  Although I got to thinking.  Many locals say they come for the winters and stay for the summer…  I can’t wait to get back to work on the course, ride the trails, and get in some good hikes.

Original photography by Brad Wynalek


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