Puma/Cobra Makes Big Waves at PGA Show 2011

The PGA professionals and apprentices that I know in the golf industry all raved about the same company at this year’s PGA merchandise show.  Puma/Cobra was doing big things with a very impressive mix of features at their booth… or club Puma as my colleague coined it.  The juggernaut names in the golf industry should take note that Puma wants to tap into the golf equipment and apparel market.  They are making all the right moves.  Last year Puma purchased the Cobra brand of golf equipment from Acushnet (makers of Titleist, Footjoy, etc).  Puma now has the capability to contract tour players and outfit them in their very trendy apparel along with their own line of clubs.  The Cobra brand no longer has to play second fiddle to Titleist.  I am very excited to see how Puma/Cobra develops the equipment line.

The Puma/Cobra setup.

The lounge area was always jam-packed with buyers and show-goers.  DJ Scotty B provided an awesome stream of originally mixed music.

DJ Scotty B.

Puma Golf 2011 Footwear.

I am glad to see the company pumping the capital into marketing its great product.  Particularly its fresh take on golf shoes and apparel.  Three seasons ago I purchased a pair of Puma GTX shoes and they were easily one of my favorite pairs I have worn.

Red Puma GTX- Catalog Photo

Puma/Cobra will be making a very large impact in the golf industry.  Look out for a marketing strategy geared towards the younger and fashion conscious segment.  Bright and flashy euro inspired apparel, sport inspired shoes, and a revamped Cobra make up an impressive new player in the market.  Expect great play from tour staff professionals Ian Poulter on Cobra and Rickie Fowler on Puma.

Original Photography by Brad Wynalek


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