Mountain Golf: Green Grass, Thin Air, and Long Drives

Playing golf at elevation is way better than at sea level.  The Park City area is almost the perfect climate for growing bentgrass.  For those not so familiar with grass, or turf as golfers refer to it, bentgrass is the most desired and premium surface to play golf on.  It requires milder temperatures and higher maintenance.  It can tolerate lower lengths of cut than other grasses.  This results in a much finer putting surface on all greens.  If you were to look at any of the great private courses in Park City all maintain bentgrass greens.  Some even have bentgrass fairways and tees; a very labor intensive investment.


Wasatch Golf's Finest

Playing golf at elevation also provides for longer carry distance and higher ball flights.  I am not joking.  Expect to see significant gains in distance compared to playing at sea level.  From my own experience drives can be 25-50 yards longer on average from playing at sea level in NC to 7,000 feet in UT.  This can also make things confusing for the traveling golfer.  Club selection will take several rounds to dial in.  I look forward to relocating to the mountain west. This summer will be another great work experience.

Original Photography by Brad Wynalek



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