Bringing the Outdoors Indoors

Well it is warming up in the Southeast.  I am almost done with my mid-term paper for business policy.  Next on the chopping block is my presentation for my strategic marketing class.  My company for the marketing report is… wait for it…  That one cracked me up a little bit. Maybe it will actually be fun to research the online dating industry.  I need to come up with a competitive marketing strategy.  I will post some ideas on here.

I can’t believe that my final semester of college is already half-way finished.  Needless to say, my excitement level for summer in the mountains is at 10.  I plan on developing my skills for rock climbing.  There is a gym in Fayetteville called “The Climbing Place”.  The walls are set up with an abundance of routes and many difficulties ranging from beginner to advanced.  Climbers must take a belay class and be approved by instructors of the gym before using their ropes.  Climbers also need to be proficient at tying a figure eight retrace knot in order to tie into the ropes.  The reasoning being that the figure eight can hold more weight than carabiners.


Me at The Climbing Place - Fayetteville NC

My skills are novice at best right now.  I am working on my holds, route-finding skills, and knowledge of equipment.  This summer it is my goal to find a climbing club in the Wasatch and do some real top rope routes on rock.  Did I mention how good of a work out this sport is?



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