Gone Fishin: Lures Rigged Texas Style

What a thoroughly enjoyable day!  Mondays need to step their game up and be this pleasant more often.  After a long weekend in the mountains of Boone NC, I had predicted a stressful day.  There was plenty to take care of for my business policy course.  After my morning classes there was ample time to make the finishing touches to some market analysis reports.

Fayetteville’s meteorologist had forecasted a 40% chance of rain from 2 pm to 5 pm.  Of course that wasn’t accurate… That’s why my good friend Brian and I had an awesome time on the lake!  We made the short trek out of Fayetteville to the boonies of North Carolina.   A fraternity brother of ours owns some lakefront property and he was kind enough to lend us his fishing boat for the afternoon.  Sunny skies and high 80 degree temperatures graced a thoroughly enjoyable time on the water.

My great friend Brian and I.

Brian is a very experienced angler and that is why he caught all of the fish today. Very warm temperatures seemed to bring the fish out to the shallower water.  The storm system held off until just after we were done fishing.  Brian explained a widespread fishing theory, that drops in barometric pressure increase fish feeding activity.  Therefore, the drop in pressure because of the front might have attributed to our success today… Or his success.  I didn’t catch anything, but was there to soak in the warm Carolina sun.  The fishing equipment industry is super competitive so I will make sure to throw some credit to the brands we used.  He caught 3 large mouth off of a Gary Yamamoto senko lure (finesse worm) rigged Texas style.  Later 2 more large mouth were reeled in after hitting a Rebel Pop-R lure.  The Pop-R was fished off the top of the water, with quick darting like action.

The Rebel Pop-R

My novice fishing skills don’t keep me from getting my line wet.  Some days I’ll have some luck and catch something, but that isn’t what keeps me coming back.  Great times outdoors with great friends make for quality memories.  The warm sunny weather can help out too.

Not a bad place to spend a Monday afternoon.


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