Many More Good Things to Come

It is amazing what a week away completely disconnected from everything can do.  The turquoise waters and time to do nothing was the perfect break.  I just came back from my vacation in the Caribbean where I was able to take some photos with my new weapon of choice: the Canon EOS 60D.  Puerto Rico, Barbados, Saint Lucia, Antigua, Saint Maarten, and St Croix were all fantastic.  I will be making posts detailing my diving, jet skiing, and hiking adventures along with photos from each of the islands I visited, but for now I will just include some teaser pics.  I am very confident that from here on out my blog will be featuring much higher quality photography as I learn the art of DSLR.  I really need to get a watermark to put on all my new photos.


The beautiful Caribbean island of San Maarten.

The isle of Saint Croix


Original Photography by Brad Wynalek


3 responses to Many More Good Things to Come

  1. hmm, the first photo looks like they’re toys… i wonder why they look small??
    by the way, good thinking on the watermark… i’ve had like more than 5 changes of watermark in the last 3 months^_^

    • bradwynalek – Author

      Yes that first picture I used the miniature creative filter. I was having fun playing with the different settings =] Any suggestions on a good watermark design? Thanks for the comment!

      • Oh, so that’s why everything looks small! i’ve never heard of that filter before. but then again, my knowledge of filters are negligible. 🙂

        On the watermark, well i’m a minimalist so i’m not really into the artsy-partsy kind. My present watermark is simply my name plus an “all rights reserved” thingy. Nothing special 🙂

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