Bass Blastin!

It seems that after 4 years of fishing bass in the Southeast, US my luck has finally changed!  Brian and I once again set out to our favorite location in NC (which will remain our closely guarded secret).  Conditions were warm, at about 80-85 degrees Fahrenheit.  It was partly cloudy, and we were actually poured on by an isolated rain cloud for 5 minutes.  Our boat is nothing fancy.  Although we are very thankful to have a nice troller motor.

The day turned into a duel as Brian and I were able to rack up 10 bass.  It seemed as if every cast was getting hit quickly.  The final tally was Brian: 6 large mouth Me: 4 large mouth, 1 sunny.  I’ll take it!  I caught the sunny as the first fish of the day with a Pop-R lure fished off the top of the water with a quick wrist action.  Granted, it was a small guy, but the picture of him has really popping color.  All of my large mouths were set with a senko worm lure rigged texas style.  Most of the large mouth were hitting 5-10 yards off the beds.

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