Wasting Away in Margaritaville

Well, today I officially completed my undergrad degree from Methodist University.  College… CHECK.  The past four years have been full of great experiences and memories.  This weekend Logan and I made a trip to Myrtle Beach to meet my fraternity brothers Dan and Zach, and their girlfriends Ashley and Haley. Dan, Zach and I are all founding fathers of the Kappa Sigma chapter at Methodist; the first fraternity at the school.  We have spent countless hours together at meetings, fundraisers, community service events, and intramural sports games.  It was the perfect time to celebrate our college careers and experiences together.  I have to shamelessly brag that Dan and Zach really couldn’t beat me in bocce ball.  If you knew how competitive we are you would understand my excitement. Of course I had another great weekend with Logan.  She surprised me with some awesome gifts.  Thanks for the App State croakies! I can’t wait for her to come out this summer.

Now I am packing up all of my belongings that I have acquired since my first days in my dorm room, to my current apartment.  A lot of things to thin out before my trek back to Park City Utah.  Very looking forward to working at Tuhaye Golf Club again.

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