The Trek.

There are road trips, and then there are ROAD TRIPS.  The Trek was a ROAD TRIP.  The classy gentleman, and long time friend, Evan Lease was along for the epic journey.  Origin: Fayetteville, North Carolina.  Destination: Park City, Utah.


Day One:
Fayetteville North Cackalacky to Mount Vernon Illinois….. 759.27 miles

Day Two:
Mount Vernon Illinois to  Cheyenne Wyoming….. 965.94 miles

Day Three:
Cheyenne Wyoming to Park City Utah….. 419.83 miles

Grand Total:  2,145.04 miles of colossal journeyness.

Day one was full of excitement as Evan and I had just finished up the year at Methodist University.  I am relocating to Park City full-time to work as an assistant professional for Talisker Club at the exclusive Tuhaye Golf Club. During the year I highly encouraged Evan to consider coming out to Tuhaye.  He made it through the interview process and is the newest part of the team.  The first leg of the trip was rather uneventful compared the more scenic and exciting landscapes of day two and three… Yet, it was rather refreshing to be able to make the drive with a good friend; instead of by myself like last year.

I had gotten a brilliant idea from another Park City transplant that had also caravaned out to PC with a friend.  This wise man recommended that we should use two-way radios to communicate from car to car, instead of using cell phones.  With the push of a button I could now communicate with my wing man… Or in our case, share obnoxious and witty jokes/comments the whole ride.  Those walkie talkies were worth every penny.

There was a moment that really did leave an impact on me.  Many of you may have heard about the flooding across the Midwest.  Little did I know that we would be driving through parts of Illinois that had been devastated by the flooding.  We drove through at least 30 miles of farmland that were under at least 3-4 feet of water.  I have included a picture of the flooding in the gallery of this post.  My prayers go out to those families affected by the flooding.  their whole livelihood is at stake.

I have total writers block right now and would much rather be taking photos. So here are some snaps from the trip.  I may write up about more of it tomorrow.

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One response to The Trek.

  1. AEKDB

    Hope you and Evan have a great summer…keep posting pics of you guys at the course the landscape is awesome! AEKDB

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