Destination: Dog Lake

The destination of my most recent backpacking trip was, fittingly, Dog Lake.  My companions were Anthony, his good friend Tim, and Tim’s awesome dog Stella.  It made for great company and another amazing night under the stars.  The trail starts from Mill Creek Canyon and gains elevation over three miles to Dog Lake.  The hike is really enjoyable with a mellow pitch so you can get after it on the up.  Views down Mill Creek Canyon are great.  Most of the trail is shaded by pine and aspen.

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Stella the mountain dog was an all star.  Tim does a great job of making her feel like part of the team by outfitting her with a dog pack.  She hauls her own food and dog supplies for the trip… easily as well.  Not to mention that her energy levels seemingly never ran out.  Stella made the whole hike in and then refused to quit playing ball until well after the sun went down.

We made camp in a high meadow just above the lake.  The night was clear and calm; perfect for a campfire.  I was really excited to work on some campfire shots.  Some of them turned out pretty stellar.  Dinner for me was a pack of tuna and crackers, then a fruit cup for desert.  It’s amazing how great something like that tastes after you’ve earned it.  The night was spent sitting around the fire and listening to some music.  It was great to get away from the daily routine once again.


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