Down by the River

I have recently taken up the art of fly fishing.  I am using the term, “art”, loosely because I am far from an artist at this point.  My casting ability has come a long way in the past week.  Rigging flies seems to take only a few minutes as opposed to a half an hour.  But most importantly, I have finally caught some trout!  All of them being smaller sized browns from the Middle Provo.

Fly fishing, at least for me, brings a sense of calm and concentration that can’t be found in a lot of other mountain sports.  It has really filled a void for total relaxation in the outdoors that some of my other hobbies (hiking, biking, running) can’t provide.  Arriving at the river early enough for the Caddis hatch and hearing nothing but the pristine mountain stream is incredibly invigorating.  Reading the bends, turns, and pools really takes a masterful eye that can only be acquired through experience.  As my knowledge grows, so does my fly box.  An abundance of dries has turned into an elaborate collection of nymphs, and streamers as well.  Different sizes and imitations, for different presentations.

I have not yet mustered the guts to bring my Canon out onto the rio; but I will eventually.  Once I get a polarizer, expect some great fishing photography.

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