GoPro HD Hero2 Announced!

GoPro has officially announced the second coming of its smash hit HD Hero, the HD Hero2.  Now the original HD Hero has been proven as the most effective and impressive means of capturing POV footage for professional athletes and enthusiasts.  So the Hero2 must be way better right? Right.  It really has stepped up the game and at a price point only marginally higher than the first edition.  For those familiar with anything media/photography/tech related 3 bills is not that expensive.  Relatively speaking of course.  And for anyone passionate about film making in any capacity.  The Hero will certainly provide an incredibly versatile option.

Lets go over the features.  I can’t write them up any better than GoPro can, so I will just throw on the description from the site.

“2x More Powerful in Every Way

  • Professional 11MP Sensor
  • 2x Faster Image Processor
  • 2X Sharper Glass Lens
  • Professional Low Light Performance
  • Full 170º, Medium 127º, Narrow 90º FOV in 1080p and 720p Video
  • 120 fps WVGA, 60 fps 720p, 48 fps 960p, 30 fps 1080p Video
  • Full 170º and Medium 127º FOV Photos
  • 10 11MP Photos Per Second Burst
  • 1 11MP Photo Every 0.5 Sec Timelapse Mode
  • 3.5mm External Stereo Microphone Input
  • Simple Language-based User Interface
  • Wi-Fi BacPac™ and Wi-Fi Remote™ Compatible (coming soon)
    • Long Range Remote Control of up to 50 GoPro Cameras
    • Wi-Fi Video/Photo Preview + Playback + Control via GoPro App
    • Live Streaming Video and Photos to the Web”                                                  -Taken from GoPro
So what does all of this mean? Well for starters the 11MP sensor is about as amazing as it gets in that super small housing.  Realistically, the majority of the HD Hero2 housing is the sensor and lens.  The faster image processor is what allows for the increased frame rates at higher resolutions.  Now for those who don’t know, frame rate refers to the speed at which video is recorded.  The video playback is a series of pictures taken at a rapid interval which is then played back as video.  So to achieve that SUPERRRRR SLOWWWWW motion, many HD Hero2 users will shoot at say 720p at 60 fps.  That is what my Canon 60D does.  Incredible.  For real time play back it is hard to beat the video quality of 1080p at 30 fps.  Time lapses will now be easier than ever before to make.  an 11 MP photo can be snapped at every .5 second interval.  No need to worry about placing that expensive DSLR unattended for lengthy periods of time.  Not to mention the durability of the HD Hero2.
Now for still photographers the HD Hero2 will be an indispensable tool for capturing hard to get shots.  No longer will you have to worry about getting that insanely expensive waterproof housing for your Canon to shoot underwater.  The GoPro does that for you as it is waterproof to 60 meters.  Set it to take 10 11 MP photos per second.  Surely at that burst rate you can capture that amazing moment in time… Or the whole entire moment too!
Here is the promo video that GoPro has released for the new HD Hero2.  Enjoy!

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