Smart Phone Apps and Small Businesses

In this day and age, entrepreneurs and small businesses need to exhibit how tech savvy they are. Why? Because consumers need information right at their fingertips. In order to remain atop the marketing curve, and to beat competition, business owners must be able to embrace the latest technology and trends. You might be asking yourself, “Why does my small business need an app?’, the answer is that consumers are beginning to use their smartphones to access information at an exponentially growing rate, and you can’t be left behind.

“Bango – the mobile payments and analytics specialist – reports a 600% growth in traffic to mobile websites. The company analyzed traffic to a range of mobile sites over the last 12 months. Data was gathered by sampling across 50 million phone users worldwide who have accessed third party mobile sites through its platform.” 

600% growth in traffic using mobile data! If that does not drive home the importance of mobile technology to your business than nothing will. Not only does mobile data usage increase over 3G networks, but wifi usage presents entirely new possibilities. The accessibility provided to your target customer through 3g and wifi continues to expand. Now is the time to embrace an extremely powerful marketing tool.

My pursuit of a sales and marketing career has lead to some incredibly rewarding experiences.  Most recently, I have been representing Purple Monkey Apps, a maker of elegant, functional, affordable, and dynamic apps. Our organization is comprised of a college professor, recent grads, and other colleagues who share a passion for mobile technology. The reason that I am proud to represent Purple Monkey Apps is simple… We stand to provide a quality product for our customers without any messy contracts, hassles, or other hidden catches. Our organization will gladly develop an application that fits your needs. The list of features goes on and on.

Now what can our applications do for your business? One of the most valuable utilities for your smartphone application is the ability to generate new customers. Your reach will expand beyond normal print media. Any time that a consumer conducts a search relevant to your industry in the Apple AppStore or Android platform your application will show up in the results. Think of the reach potential of a smartphone application! That is a worldwide customer base.

Customer Loyalty can be ingrained with your already established, and incredibly valuable, customer base. Our applications feature customer loyalty technology with QR codes, fan walls, photo submission tools, and Facebook and Twitter integration. Harnessing the technology of a smartphone app will reenforce your organization’s willingness to provide a value to your customers and clients!

If you are possibly interested in a free quote contact me here: or visit our website I would be very happy to start working with your business.


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