My Ten Observations and Thoughts About Holiday Travel

1. No matter where you are going, you will not get there on time. Face it. You will be late. Plan accordingly.

2. If you are flying into any airport in the NYC area you will be really late. This is unavoidable. Especially since the weather in the NY/NJ area is so incredibly miserable from October-April.

3. Everyone else in the world is traveling, so don’t act like you are the only one. We are all suffering. Put on your big person clothes on and be cordial.

4. Major highways will be an absolute logjam the day after Thanksgiving, and the Sunday after it. As a college student I have made numerous trips from the Northeast southbound on I-95. The earlier you can leave, the better. Logjamming will take place at approximately 7 am.

5. College students will be clearly visible. As a recent college grad I can clearly spot college students. They will be wearing a hooded sweatshirt representing their school, texting on an iPhone/Android smartphone, listening to music loudly as to drown out everyone.

6. I know that bag fees are inconvenient, but please do not bring an enormous duffle bag planning to carry it on during the holiday season. You are going to be asked to check it at the gate. *See #3  Don’t freak out when they ask you to check it.

7. When scheduling connecting flights have at least an hour and thirty minutes layover. You are going to need it. Place more emphasis on this when connecting at major airports like Chicago, JFK, Detroit, DFW, LAX, etc.

8. Prepare yourself to go through security before you get in line. Put your wallet, phone, watch, keys, and any other doodads on your person into your carry on before you get to the line. It makes the process so much easier on everyone if you don’t have to do the TSA shuffle.

9. Always take peanuts or pretzels as your in flight snack. The cookies that they give you are disgusting.

10. Find your happy place. Accept your role as Odysseus and mentally prepare yourself for the Odyssey of holiday travel. When flying bring a good book. If you are driving make a really long new playlist full of great new tunes. The little conveniences will make all of the difference.


3 responses to My Ten Observations and Thoughts About Holiday Travel

  1. dianaf2009

    haha I love your tips. I usually travel on Christmas and is a nightmare specially when I have to do layover. I have to say holidays traveling is not the worse. Try Alitalia during REGULAR season. 😉

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