Rome SDS Pre Jib

This Saturday I made my way up to The Canyons to shoot the Rome SDS Pre Jib event. The course setup was excellent and provided a lot of room for creativity. My favorite feature, as you will be able to see, was the dog house. This feature had three take offs offering different angles, allowing athletes to get very original.

Rider: Jameson Bonsey

One of my favorite riders to shoot was Jameson Bonsey. His style was incredibly fluid and he hit all of the features from multiple angles. I really thought that he was one of the most well rounded athletes out there. His creativity was at another level and no one took the lines and used the entire course as well as him

The Nope team had a very impressive line up. Dillon Boeshans was throwing down at all opportunities. This sequence shot is one of my favorites from the event. He was stomping his lines as hard as anyone out there.

Dillon Boeshans

Scott Otterson is another rider that I am going to feature. It was a blast to watch him lay it all out there. He was pushing himself hard and I have a lot of respect for that.

Scott Otterson

The Canyons is really putting an extra effort into providing support for local athletes. It was great to see the riders getting such exposure. Canyons Terrain Park crew provided an extraordinary venue and I will certainly be back to cover some more events.

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3 responses to Rome SDS Pre Jib

    • bradwynalek – Author

      Thank you very much Jillian! It pretty much comes down to shooting as much as you can and being aware of the events in your area. The guys at the Canyons were great and let me inside the ropes.

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