Headlamps Burning: Olympus Night Hike

My  brother, sister, and her boyfriend are in town and they wanted to get out and do some hiking since the snow is nonexistent. I said that I would be happy to bring them on one of my favorites, except for one problem. I work a nine to five and the sun goes down before six o’clock. No big deal… We fired up the headlamps and went anyways. It is stunningly beautiful to see the SLC valley lit up at night from the trail. The best part was while we were almost back to the trailhead, and were scanning the brush with our headlamps, we saw two eyes light up above us. Honest to goodness. Above us, and off the trail about 25 yards on top of an exposed boulder, there were two green eyes. Big eyes. Luminous exactly like a feline of some sort. They watched us all the way until we were out of sight… Awesome.

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