PhotoWizard: A True Post-Processing App

I just downloaded a new app for photo processing on my iPhone. PhotoWizard is a paid app, and at only $1.00, it is the best app for the money out there. The reviews touted it’s photoshop like results and ease of use. It features an abundance of filter options, preset effects, resolution options, and much more. I have only edited one photo with it snapped from my iPhone 4. Heres a quick walk through of the steps I took to process this image for a retro-vignetted look. A similar effect could be achieved with instagram, but not with the res quality and specifics you would like to achieve.


Upload the original image.

Select any effects that you might like to apply.


Maybe add a filter...



Bam. Filters and Effects.

A touch of some vignetting.





Time to export. What resolution? Where to?

And that wraps up my very basic intro tutorial to PhotoWizard. I am going to mess with it a little bit more and see what types of effects and results I can achieve. I highly suggest any other photo nerds download this app. It provides way more freedom and creativity than instagram.



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