The Guadalupe River: First Impressions

I have made two trips to the Guadalupe River since making my way back to Texas. I was a little wary of how decent the fly fishing for trout would be because of the warmer temperatures. To my pleasant surprise, the Guadalupe seems to be full of rainbows eager to eat all types of Barr’s emergers, juju baetis, rainbow warriors, eggs, and san juan worms.

The structure of the Guadalupe is a lot easier to read than the Provo River. The flows are low and slow, so the trout or holding in deep runs and pools. The structure is easily seen through the gin-tinted water. All of the quality fish are towards the center of the river at its deepest points.

Occasionally you might see some trout rising during the great hatches in the morning, but all of my success has been underneath. Bright attractors like eggs key these rainbows on your rig and they will gladly eat up any smaller nymphs size 20-22. I am super excited about the quality of fishing down here in Texas, and am proud to be fishing the southern most trout fishery in the country. Photos taken and processed with instagram because I didn’t want to take my Canon out on a river I’m not familiar with.


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