The Wasatch

Summer hiking and climbing is one of my greatest passions. From the moment that you begin to make up your pack for that days mission, anticipation starts to build.  Each peak has its own personality. Different pitches, ridges, faces, and prominence result in a challenge unique to each mountain.

Mount Timpanogos: 11,749 feet

Mount Olympus: 9,026 feet

Mount Superior: 11,132 feet

Bald Mountain (Uintas): 11,943 feet

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93 responses to The Wasatch

  1. diversifolius

    Great shots Brad! Keep it up! Not very often you get to see the mountains in ‘black and white’, sometimes too much color hides the essential; although I shouldn’t have said this – I’m very much the ‘flowery’ type.

  2. Beautiful and very interesting photos . Amazing places and views. Like the visual ‘shock’ of the few colour amongst the greyscale. Keeps the visual palate fresh (if eye/brain function could have such a thing) 😉

  3. Wow….great pictures! Thanks for this great post. Try to get an adventure in Italy. The best compliments. Greetings from north-east of Italy.

  4. Great photos! If I were to climb that high, I couldn’t resist to shout and hear my echo. Did you do that? What were were your thoughts while being up there and seeing the beauty around you? Have a nice week! 🙂

    • bradwynalek – Author

      I am guilty of giving some good shouts at the top of all of them. Its hard to describe the feeling you get after a good hike/scramble. I tend not to think at all while I’m up there. Its a feeling of total happiness. You’re just there. Addicting. Thanks for the kind words!

  5. Love the B & W ! Especially like the photo with the markers — I know they’re called “cairns” but we call them “ducks” — don’t know why! 🙂

    • bradwynalek – Author

      I haven’t heard them called them ducks but I will keep that in mind! Those were on the summit of Bald Mountain. Cheers!

  6. Thank you for the terrific visuals! I love the photograph of the gnarled tree. Very creative and thought provoking! (As “geeky” as that sounds!) Beautiful scenery!

    • bradwynalek – Author

      I am so happy that I could share it with you. It makes everything incredibly rewarding. Cheers! The tree is on the East Ridge of Superior.

  7. Carey Povey

    Wow, your photos look amazing. Really inspiring. I’d love to know how you got into climbing and hiking as i’m sure it’s not something one decides “You know what, I’m going to climb that mountain today”. It’s always fascinated me.

    • bradwynalek – Author

      It is amazing to hear that you are inspired by them. Thank you very much, Carey! I just moved out to the mountains, met some knowledgeable people, and found out the right peaks and routes. Local knowledge is all you really need, but becoming comfortable with exposure takes time.

  8. itsmecherry

    I’m the least sporty person I know but giving my self a second thought, maybe I should give that a try. You’re Inspiring.

  9. Dude! You soooo rock, man! How’d you pull those aerial shots off like that? I was-and remain-mesmerized by these images!

    • bradwynalek – Author

      I have had some amazing times on my mountain bike as well. That’s another fantastic activity the mountains provide.

  10. corina

    Love your B&W pics fantastic job! you are a truly passionate.

    Im still a newbie of the blogging… which program do you use to write your name on the pictures?

  11. wow stunning photos 🙂 i think that you are talented and should keep it up! wish i lived in a place where i could be that creative. i think that i would love to be somewhere that i could feel free and able to enjoy the amazing scenery! wow.

  12. Beautiful photos! I can only imagine what the world must look like from those peaks – breathtaking, in all forms of the word.

  13. I am a Utah girl, so I totally understand your love of our amazing mountains. Your photos are stunning. I am living in Bulgaria now, but I often yearn for the beauty of Utah’s wilderness. Your post took me right there. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed. I was FP myself a few months ago. It opens up some amazing doors. Keep up the great posts!

  14. Your magnificent photos made my wonder why I’d never heard of these mountains? Thanks for sharing them with those of us who were just plain naive of their existence! 🙂

    • bradwynalek – Author

      The Wasatch is easily accessed in the summer and has the greatest snow on earth in the winter. My home range! Thanks for your compliments!

  15. lizpurdy

    Epic. Even though it’s ski season, makes me want to summer hike ASAP!

  16. Wonderful images! They remind me of a day 35+ years ago when a group of friends and I enjoyed a lunch together on the summit of Lone Peak. I truly miss the Wasatch.

  17. Gorgeous pictures. I particularly like the dead tree. I have a thing for dead tree pictures – don’t ask me why.

    Congratulations on being “Freshly Pressed” too.

    I’m looking forward to seeing more!

  18. goldey

    I’m afraid of heights but this is great. I think I would not be afraid if I would be there, it’s so beautiful.

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