Great Rewards

Yesterday marked an incredible milestone since I began blogging on a whim two years ago. It was an incredible surprise to find out that I was Freshly Pressed! To all of you that left the great compliments, thank you again! It has made the effort worthwhile. I really wanted to share my passions and adventures with the world. An incredible feeling of accomplishment hit me as I saw great writers, photographers, and bloggers share my experiences. Having inspired some of you really is an astonishing feeling.

I don’t know how to top that post. I have tons of fun adventures planned, so stay tuned. I promise there will be more astonishing landscapes. I have many other posts of hiking/climbing adventures. These are great as well.

Where The Pucker Factor is High: The Tetons

Quality Time in the Uintas

Tee Shots over 9,000 Feet: Mount Olympus

Mount Timpanogos

Getting My Scare on: Mount Superior

For all of my new subscribers, I typically like to provide a short-and-to-the-point write up along with my photos. The photos should speak for themselves.


4 responses to Great Rewards

  1. Heya, you have a great blog. Very inspiring 🙂
    I really enjoy the outdoors, I go backcountry camping every year. Would love to try new things in the future, although mountain climbing might not agree with my fear of heights =P

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