Sending Overload

WOW. That is all that I can say after the climbing this weekend. Witnessing tons of impressive sends, and strengthening my ankle after being sidelined for two weeks, was time very well spent. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I climbed on the after effects of the nastiest sprain of my life. Strength wise, it is definitely weaker, but lateral support is still there. No tears! Being able to climb on it pain free was a relief.

Saturday was spent at Seismic with Eliot. I took it easy with some warm up laps on the various 5.easy to 5.9’s right of Over Easy. I sported a GoPro for a lap on Over Easy and the video is at the bottom of this post. The entire time I was waiting to edge a little too hard on my left ankle and for it to explode on me again… but it just didn’t happen. Yes. Total relief.

Today I traveled out to Reimers Ranch with a friend John. Having never been to Reimers, my mind was completely blown. There are hundreds of routes. So. Many. Routes. Everything from beginner sport routes to nasty, gnarly, 5.12 ceilings. There is no doubt in my mind that this is the climbing mecca of Texas.

I still haven’t made the jump to 5.11 grades but am getting there. I was able to send My Name is Mud 5.9, Reimerama 5.10a, Water Ballet 5.10b, Unnamed 5.9, and almost got Hello Kitty 5.10a.

We stayed on a mostly vertical area called Dead Cats Wall for the majority of the day. On the hike out some more crazy members of our party decided to commence a full on send fest. These routes are on a complete cave ceiling that requires power, endurance and rhythm. The catches for the belayer are also pretty hard. Here are some shots of a ceiling traverse-to-top-out route called Liposuction. It is rated 5.12a. Serious.


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