Sons of Technology

Before sitting down to write this post, I was checking emails at home. Out of the office, but not unplugged. Client emails, deadlines, and a loaded backlog – standard workload for a software professional. Finishing the last few words of the perfect follow up on my iPhone, I hit send, stand up, and walk out the door.

It’s a clear night in Austin, TX. Thank God, because it’s been raining for a week straight. Walking to the garage, there is a standard routine. Throw on a helmet and buckle the chinstrap. Then I slip on gloves, throw a leg over, and put the key in the ignition. As I push that start button, the pistons fire. A classic American exhaust note bounces off of the walls. I kick the stand and am gone.

In the Silicon Hills its hard to stay away from technology. It lives here in everything the city does. Aside from BBQ, Longhorns, and live music, software is probably the next that comes to mind. Developers, salespeople, QA, designers, entrepreneurs, all the way up to senior executives – Austin affords them all the ability to pursue any number of passions. It’s hard to beat. If you’re lucky enough, like I have been, you will connect with like minded individuals.

That’s how it all started. One day, leaving the office to a note on my bike. I’d learn a local entrepreneur and startup leader was looking to ride with others that share a common tie to the technology community. Joining a small group, we all rode to Doc’s and the rest is history.

SOT logo shirt

The Sons of Technology is an Austin based professional network for riders with technical occupations. We ride out together, meet regularly to share thoughts and ideas, and ultimately provide an outlet for not just recreational but personal and professional growth – because we all know that time is best used when building towards something with heart and balance. So if you’re passionate about life on two wheels, and escape the daily grind with every twist of the throttle, come on out and ride with us. You just might meet a future employer, business partner, or good friend.


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