The Island

Last week I decided to go to Oahu for a little while. Hope you enjoy.


SXSW 2013

Well SXSW is officially in full swing! After the first week, I have pieced together a fun edit from around town. This last weekend will definitely wrap the event up with a bang. Free music at Auditorium Shores anyone?

Main Chute

I just got back from a quick weekend trip to Alta, Utah. Conditions were good enough to ski Main Chute off the top of Baldy. It was a good weekend!

Climbing Edit

Well I have to get to work, but wanted to upload my best edit yet! This was shot entirely on a GoPro and edited by yours truly. I hope you enjoy!

My First Stab at Videography: Seismic Wall Edit

Filming is hard. It takes hours and hours of different shots, frames and perspectives to create something that is visually appealing. To this point I haven’t done any filming with my 60D. I forgot my tripod, my focusing technique isn’t that great, and I know what I need to work on, but this first edit was still fun.

Make sure to watch in 720p!

Breathing: Bucket List Additions

Recently my experiences with climbing have opened my eyes to a world of new possibilities. In life it is never too late to learn something new. The videos below will speak for themselves.

“I’m way more proud of every single day I’ve spent some time sucking oxygen hard than I am of the times I drank too much, slept in, wasted time sending useless but somehow important emails or whatever. Because as I look back at those wasted days there was almost always an hour or two I could have sliced out to get out and breathe. I hate those wasted days; I have never regretted working out, going for a walk, getting on a plane stinking, not once. In fact, I’ve loved every single experience. But we all try to be busy instead of being alive, be busy instead of getting out and breathing, be busy instead of being productive, be busy sending useless texts instead of walking in the woods with our kids or running there with our friends…. I do it too, but I’m missing the point of life when I let “busy” replace “breathing.” – Will Gadd


The Love Letter

This is a very compelling story. At times the narrative can be melodramatic, but the underlying message is not any less compelling. I hope to write my own story very similar to this one.

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