What’SUP Town Lake

This weekend good friends Mark and Ashley came to town. First summer day paddle session here in ATX. What’SUP Town Lake.



My City

I have been blessed with one of the most beautiful homes to watch the sun set. Austin is home, and I love my city. Soon I will be posting round two from my trip to Zion, but I had to put these up.

Gus Fruh

Saturday I was fortunate enough to go climbing with some new friends. Tyler, Clarisse, and Margaret took me out to Gus Fruh Wall down in the Greenbelt. With Tyler putting up the lines, I was able to get practice on some of the harder grades that I have done on rock. Lots of mantles, heel hooks, and crimps. Great times.

Climbing In the Capital of Texas

After celebrating Easter this morning, I was lucky enough to head down to the Barton Creek Greenbelt to climb with great people. These quality limestone walls are right in the heart of Texas’ capital city. The atmosphere in the Greenbelt is incredibly unique. Austinites frequent this escape from the urban landscape to swim, tube, run, mountain bike, and climb. There isn’t another major city in the south/southwest with such an active community.

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