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Zion Day One

My little brother is awesome. He really is. The kid climbs, skis, fly fishes, and can hike 24 miles with a 30 pound pack in the Southern Utah desert faster than me. I must be getting old…. And watch out ladies! He gets his license this year!

So why do I bring up his awesomeness? We went to Zion National Park over Memorial day to backpack, scramble, go without showers, sleep on rocky ground, and carry way too much gear… He thought it was a blast. So did I.


My flight out is at 5:00 pm on Friday last week, and it is monsooning in Austin, so my flight gets delayed several hours. I end up getting into SLC at 10:00 pm mountain time. I pick Brett up and we drove straight down to Zion. Arrival at 3:00 am.

After 3 hours of sleep we go straight to the visitor center. You are required to register for backcountry permits in Zion if you plan on backpacking/camping/climbing/anythingreallyfun in the camp. We grab our permits and are off.

In the first day we wanted to hit more iconic landmarks, Angels Landing and the Virgin Narrows. It’s super beautiful there. Kind of an alien planet. There isn’t anywhere else like it. I was super stoked and giddy. Hence, I took a lot of pictures. My brother was kinda mad I took so many, but he got to eat Clif bars when I stopped, so whatever.


After checking everything off the list we set up camp for the night in the desert. Filtering questionable desert water, we gorged on cup noodles, hot chocolate, and chex mix. The next day we were going to head to Kolob Canyon and do more walking around the desert carrying heavy stuff… We couldn’t be more pumped.

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