The Island

Last week I decided to go to Oahu for a little while. Hope you enjoy.


Zion Day One

My little brother is awesome. He really is. The kid climbs, skis, fly fishes, and can hike 24 miles with a 30 pound pack in the Southern Utah desert faster than me. I must be getting old…. And watch out ladies! He gets his license this year!

So why do I bring up his awesomeness? We went to Zion National Park over Memorial day to backpack, scramble, go without showers, sleep on rocky ground, and carry way too much gear… He thought it was a blast. So did I.


My flight out is at 5:00 pm on Friday last week, and it is monsooning in Austin, so my flight gets delayed several hours. I end up getting into SLC at 10:00 pm mountain time. I pick Brett up and we drove straight down to Zion. Arrival at 3:00 am.

After 3 hours of sleep we go straight to the visitor center. You are required to register for backcountry permits in Zion if you plan on backpacking/camping/climbing/anythingreallyfun in the camp. We grab our permits and are off.

In the first day we wanted to hit more iconic landmarks, Angels Landing and the Virgin Narrows. It’s super beautiful there. Kind of an alien planet. There isn’t anywhere else like it. I was super stoked and giddy. Hence, I took a lot of pictures. My brother was kinda mad I took so many, but he got to eat Clif bars when I stopped, so whatever.


After checking everything off the list we set up camp for the night in the desert. Filtering questionable desert water, we gorged on cup noodles, hot chocolate, and chex mix. The next day we were going to head to Kolob Canyon and do more walking around the desert carrying heavy stuff… We couldn’t be more pumped.

Great Rewards

Yesterday marked an incredible milestone since I began blogging on a whim two years ago. It was an incredible surprise to find out that I was Freshly Pressed! To all of you that left the great compliments, thank you again! It has made the effort worthwhile. I really wanted to share my passions and adventures with the world. An incredible feeling of accomplishment hit me as I saw great writers, photographers, and bloggers share my experiences. Having inspired some of you really is an astonishing feeling.

I don’t know how to top that post. I have tons of fun adventures planned, so stay tuned. I promise there will be more astonishing landscapes. I have many other posts of hiking/climbing adventures. These are great as well.

Where The Pucker Factor is High: The Tetons

Quality Time in the Uintas

Tee Shots over 9,000 Feet: Mount Olympus

Mount Timpanogos

Getting My Scare on: Mount Superior

For all of my new subscribers, I typically like to provide a short-and-to-the-point write up along with my photos. The photos should speak for themselves.

The Wasatch

Summer hiking and climbing is one of my greatest passions. From the moment that you begin to make up your pack for that days mission, anticipation starts to build.  Each peak has its own personality. Different pitches, ridges, faces, and prominence result in a challenge unique to each mountain.

Mount Timpanogos: 11,749 feet

Mount Olympus: 9,026 feet

Mount Superior: 11,132 feet

Bald Mountain (Uintas): 11,943 feet

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New Year’s Resolutions: Why Wait?

As this year passes, I hate to make the cliche post about my resolutions. The point is not that I think New Year’s resolutions are unimportant in any way. Why should you wait until January 1st to set out and improve the way that you live your life? Every day should be treated with the utmost of importance. Every day that you are given is incredibly valuable.

The Grand Teton.

The life you are living is the only one you’re given. So live it today. Work so you can live. Don’t live to work. Make memories with the loved ones in your life every single chance that you get. You never know when you will be making your last with them… Surround yourself with people that share the same passions and values.

2011 has been everything that I could have wished for and more. There were so many adventures that I had no idea I would have the privilege of going on. These experiences were shared with some great friends, and people that I never thought I would be able to travel with. A special thanks to everyone (especially my parents and family!) that made 2011 such a special year. I couldn’t have asked for better company.

Cast, Snag, Rig, Repeat.

Instead of making a New Year’s resolution to get fit, or to make more family time, make the change. I don’t think that any person should quantify how much to improve themselves. I have been trying to learn as many new things as possible. The past year I have learned  even more about photography, fly fishing, skiing, backpacking, climbing, marketing, and myself than I could have imagined. The list goes on and on.

My New Year’s resolution is to make every day count. There are many places that I want to travel to. I am going to add more priceless memories to the bank with my family and loved ones. I look forward to all of the amazing new people that I will meet in 2012, and the relationships that I will make. Dream big and do what you have always wanted to.

“My mother said to me, “If you are a soldier, you will become a general. If you are a monk, you will become the Pope.” Instead, I was a painter, and became Picasso.”

Headlamps Burning: Olympus Night Hike

My  brother, sister, and her boyfriend are in town and they wanted to get out and do some hiking since the snow is nonexistent. I said that I would be happy to bring them on one of my favorites, except for one problem. I work a nine to five and the sun goes down before six o’clock. No big deal… We fired up the headlamps and went anyways. It is stunningly beautiful to see the SLC valley lit up at night from the trail. The best part was while we were almost back to the trailhead, and were scanning the brush with our headlamps, we saw two eyes light up above us. Honest to goodness. Above us, and off the trail about 25 yards on top of an exposed boulder, there were two green eyes. Big eyes. Luminous exactly like a feline of some sort. They watched us all the way until we were out of sight… Awesome.

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Photo of the Day 12/23/11

Recently I was browsing through my hard drive and looking through all of the photos I’ve taken over the past year. Then I stumbled upon these. I can’t believe that I haven’t shared them yet. Taken up at Cardiff pass with my brother and father. Great memories. 2011 was an amazing year.


Family Adventure


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